Woman’s Labradorite Crown Tassel Necklace

Woman’s Labradorite Crown Tassel Necklace


  • AAA grade Labradorite Stones 8mm
  • Silk Tassel from Bali topped with an Antique Tibetan Silver Rhinestone Encrusted Crown
  • Knotted together with a 100% silk chord
  • Logo Cutout Custom Silver Tag
  • 43”L (including tassel)

Product Description

Labradorite banishes fear and insecurities calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing up new ideas.



A stone can pass onto others any energy that it has stored within it. Periodically, stones need to be cleansed of any unwanted energies that they may have collected from you, from others, or from the environment.

Bracelets should be cleansed and recharged after they are purchased and regularly after they are worn. Your bracelet may be cleansed by passing them through the smoke of a white sage stick several times or by rinsing it under cool running water. You can recharge your bracelets energy by placing it out in direct sunlight for a few hours.

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