At Prais Stone...

We are committed to the extensive study of stones and their therapeutic properties. 

Before your hand made piece is assembled, the stones go through a cleansing/clearing and recharging process utilizing elements of water, sage, and sunlight.  This process removes all attached negative energies and infuses your stones with the powerful life-giving energy of the sun.

We intentionally combine specific stones based on their properties to create beautifully synchronized alchemy of energies. 

Your signature piece will be handmade to order with love in our studio in Scottsdale AZ. You'll receive a custom decorative card detailing the energy properties of your stones as well as a corresponding mantra to assist you with your transformation.

A Prais Stone piece is a wonderfully personalized gift of love that will bestow the on the wearer the subtle energies of healing and transformation. 

Their beautifully crafted designer piece of jewelry will arrive with a decorative custom card with their stones healing and transformative properties along with a mantra to deeply instill them.

Another great gift is our selection of yearly memberships. 

With a signature memberships they will receive:

~Year round discounts on all designer pieces

~Bracelet swap options

~Personal stone healing consult with one of our stone specialists

 It is truly a gift of love that keeps on giving!

 Stones have been used for therapeutic purposes since the beginning of time. At Prais Stone our mission is to create designer stone jewelry that aid the mind, body, and soul in promoting good health, well-being and personal betterment.

Designer Stone Jewelry

for your mind, body, and soul

Be in sync with our matching His & Hers stone bracelets.