So powerful, that great minds throughout recent history have attempted to delve deeper into the energetic properties that stones offer.This slow transmission of knowledge and research over thousands of years is the basis of modern Lithotherapy.

The scientific study of gems and minerals began with Aristotle (384-322BC) with the recording of observations, documenting of sources, and the cataloging of legends and folklore.


Scientists all around the world have confirmed that the matter that appears to be solid is actually made up of pure energy which is vibrating at specific frequencies which gives matter specific properties like size, color, and shape.

Stones for example have constant unchanging static energy while the energy of our bodies is volatile and affected by factors such as thoughts, stress, emotions and outside stimulants. It also appears from this research that the aura of people who interact with various objects such as drugs, crystals, and minerals may change significantly.

All gemstones vibrate to a certain static frequency. These properties can be measured by sound and light wave equipment. Their specific frequency is based on their color, formation process, and molecular atomic structure. Therefore each one can address a certain kind of blockage. The body receives the vibrations that the gemstones emit and is energetically affected by them. So although gemstones may look outwardly serene, they are actually a molecular mass vibrating at a certain frequency.

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