Prais Stone
Jewelry Care Instructions

Gem stones absorb energy not only from you but also from the environment and others around you. Because of this it’s important to clear, cleanse, and recharge them regularly. You can do this once a month or more often if you are going through a high stress period in your life.


Cleansing Your Stones
Water Method: At Prais Stone we love to use the element of water for cleansing our stones. Simply turn on the tap hold your stones under the running cold water and think or say the cleansing mantra.


Sage Method: If your jewelry piece is made with silk cord or a tassel do not use the water method. Simply use a Sage or Palo Santo stick, hold your piece in the smoke as you repeat the cleansing clearing mantra.


Cleansing Mantra
“I now release all negative energies from you. All negative energies are now released. You’re not vibrate with pure love and pure light.”

Recharging Your Stones
After your stones are fully cleansed and cleared of all attached energies you can now recharge them in the life-giving light of the sun. Simply place your jewelry in the sunlight for a few hours to recharge. You may also utilize the powerful energy of the full moon by leaving your stones in the moonlight overnight.